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About Us

Banyan is a family-run company based in Victoria, BC, providing construction services for Vancouver Island. At Banyan, we believe in honesty, teamwork, and a mutually respectful, supportive workplace. We foster an inclusive workplace where collaboration and team spirit prevail. Banyan is committed to giving back to the communities in which we work. Our services include construction management/general contracting and trade work; concrete formwork, masonry, masonry restoration, shotcrete (structural & shoring), concrete cutting and coring.

“our core values are…”

Integrity, Diligence, Accountability, Respect, Honesty

Guiding Principles

Safety – Promote an uncompromising safe work culture to ensure the health and safety of all.

Teamwork – Work collectively as a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way.

Transparency – Say what we mean and mean what we say. Provide open and honest communication and information regarding all aspects of our work.

Social Responsibility – We are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship by protecting the health and safety of our employees, by safeguarding the environment and by creating a long-lasting positive impact on the communities where we do business.

Collaboration – We believe in the power of working together and go above and beyond to exceed expectations. We respectfully and ethically interact with each other and those we serve.

The Banyan Approach

Problem Avoidance and Expedient Problem Resolution

We will use our experience as a general contractor and construction manager to anticipate and avoid potential issues. If issues do arise, we will work with all parties to achieve a swift resolution to minimize the potential impact on other aspects of the project.

Pro-Active Collaboration with Design Team

Banyan expects to fulfill an active role as a contributing team member during the entire design process. Our expertise allows us to make a significant impact on the success of the project when we are able to assume a pro-active role in the early stages of the design process.

Maximize Local Contractor Participation

We will take the lead in implementing construction document specifications, to provide the greatest opportunity for local contractors to perform the work required by each project at the most economical price.

Act as an “Extension of our Client”

In all aspects of our services, Banyan will represent the Owner in their best interests, just as though we were part of their own internal organization.

Reliable, Accurate Cost Estimates

Banyan is proud of its record of accurate cost estimates, even at very preliminary and conceptual stages of our projects. Our clients rely on our estimates with the confidence required to make critical planning decisions.

Keep the Client Informed

We will provide the Owner with accurate and current information on all aspects of the project in summary and detail form, including schedule information, total cost projections, and problem/action items to be addressed.

Develop the “Right” Schedule

Banyan’s approach to scheduling is not just to devise a timeline for getting from point A to point B, but to examine all available ways to arrive at the best approach to the schedule for any activity. We are accustomed to analyzing our projects thoroughly, to develop numerous schedules before we arrive at the preferred approach with the “right” schedule for our client.

Unique Ability

Banyan has the unique ability to self perform several scopes. We are also open to collaborative work with the owner. We can offer these services by separate lump sum trade contracts (self performed) or time and material agreements (collaborative) depending on the nature of the work and the level of collaboration.

Take Responsibility for our Role

As professionals, we stand behind our actions and accept the responsibilities for which we are being retained and compensated. Whether we are operating as construction managers or general contractors, we regard ourselves as the project “builders” and we assume the responsibility for delivering the completed project according to our clients’ expectations.

Personal Attention of Management

The senior management at Banyan will be actively engaged in the project and will remain so throughout the duration of the project to ensure that we are providing the highest level of service and to assist the Owner in any way possible.

Emphasis on Professional Service

Our clients deserve and will receive comprehensive and professional service from Banyan to satisfy all the requirements of the project.

Firm but Fair Treatment of Contractors

Banyan’s reputation with trade contractors and suppliers is founded on our philosophy of treating people fairly, while also demanding the highest standards of performance in return.

Finish As Strong As We Start

On large complex projects, the duration of our involvement may cover several years. We consciously work hard at maintaining a consistently high level of enthusiasm and interest in our projects from the beginning to end.


When functioning as construction managers, we operate on an “open book” basis. Banyan’s philosophy is that we are the stewards of our clients’ funds, and it is our responsibility to keep them fully apprised of the status of their project at all times.

No Surprises

One of the primary reasons for hiring a construction company at an early stage of the design process is to eliminate the potential for cost overruns, schedule delays, or other unpredictable events that could cause distress for the project. We regard our role to be one of eliminating surprises for our clients to the greatest extent possible, thereby allowing them to make decisions based upon reliable information.

Promote the Project for Success

We believe that projects that have a positive image in the marketplace tend to be more successful than those that do not. One of our responsibilities is to convey a positive impression within the construction industry of the project. This is particularly important when it comes to attracting bidders for the work, and in developing an enthusiasm for the project that will result in more competitive pricing.