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What People Say About Us

What I enjoy about Banyan is that I get to work alongside like-minded individuals who're receptive to new and innovative ideas. We're a family at Banyan and it's refreshing to work with a company that holds that as a core value.

Craig Thomas

What I like about working for Banyan is that they've given me the opportunity to do what I enjoy and what I've learned, but also giving me a place to continue to learn.

Jeronimo Gil Ortiz

I really enjoy working for Banyan for the teamwork and being a part of great projects.

Ryan Strandquist

What I like about Banyan is that it is a friendly work environment. Plus, we do a great job!

Nathan Shaffer

What I really enjoy about working for Banyan is that they listen to their employees which makes it easy to get the job done and problems solved.

Glen Ekman

What is there not to like about working for Banyan? I have had the fortunate experience of being Banyans first employee and have seen firsthand the growth and the standard we are setting in the construction industry. Never have I worked for a company that looks at their employees the way Banyan does. You really feel like you are part of a family and a working team. Banyan is really the best group of people I have ever worked with, which makes the days enjoyable.

Richard D’Appolonia

I enjoy being part of a growing company like Banyan because it gives me an opportunity to help co-create our culture and our processes. My ideologies and morals align with the company's values. I'm excited for my future with Banyan, and Banyan's future as a company.

Kevin Tafts

With Banyan, I like the teamwork. Being part of a team makes the work easier.

Solomon Kwire

I have been in the construction for 36 years and I have never had so much respect and appreciation from a construction company in my career. The Banyan team has made me feel welcome from day one. I started as a labourer, move up to labour foreman and later as deficiency foreman with 2 considerable raises along the way. The support I have been giving from management and supervisors has been extraordinary. You always feel like your part of a team and your contribution is always appreciated.

Richard Bell

For the first time in my career, I feel that what I want for my future is acknowledged, my skills are accurately compensated, and I am appreciated for what I do. Dean and Kristin are passionate about their company and treat their employees like family with an open-door policy for conversations to happen. They see my value to the company and ensure that I am happy with my future here.

Caitlin Link

Industry Partners

Butler Concrete and Aggregate – Banyan Partnership

Butler Concrete and Aggregate has been a family run business since the 1980s, with a focus on building success through service and quality. For three generations, we have proudly provided quality concrete to southern Vancouver Island. Our recent environmental initiatives have made us the number one company in North America for reducing our environmental impact in carbon emissions. Our current EPD results consistently sit 40% to 50% lower than the Canadian benchmark. We have achieved these low numbers by using high quality constituents, having a close proximity to these products, along with an ever-growing number of initiatives, such as incorporating NewCem and slag into our mix designs.  As the first adopter of CarbonCure in BC, we have achieved a reduction in cement use along with a small but impactful solution to capture CO2 that becomes a permanent part of the concrete. Butler Concrete and Aggregate is excitedly looking forward to our growing relationship with the Banyan.