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What People Say About Us

What I enjoy about Banyan is that I get to work alongside like-minded individuals who are receptive to new and innovative ideas. We're a family at Banyan and it's refreshing to work with a company that holds that as a core value.

Craig Thomas

What I like about working for Banyan is that they've given me the opportunity to do what I enjoy and what I've learned, but also giving me a place to continue to learn.

Jeronimo Gil Ortiz

I really enjoy working for Banyan for the teamwork and being a part of great projects.

Ryan Strandquist

What I like about Banyan is that it is a friendly work environment. Plus, we do a great job!

Nathan Shaffer

What I really enjoy about working for Banyan is that they listen to their employees which makes it easy to get the job done and problems solved.

Glen Ekman

"What I like most about Banyan is the support that the company has given me, which allows me to do my work effectively and efficiently in my own way."

Joe McKinnon

I enjoy being part of a growing company like Banyan because it gives me an opportunity to help co-create our culture and our processes. My ideologies and morals align with the company's values. I'm excited for my future with Banyan, and Banyan's future as a company.

Kevin Tafts

With Banyan, I like the teamwork. Being part of a team makes the work easier.

Solomon Kwire

I have been in the construction industry for 36 years and I have never had so much respect and appreciation from a construction company in my career. The Banyan team has made me feel welcome from day one. I started as a labourer, move up to labour foreman and later as deficiency foreman with 2 considerable raises along the way. The support I have been giving from management and supervisors has been extraordinary. You always feel like your part of a team and your contribution is always appreciated.

Richard Bell

For the first time in my career, I feel that what I want for my future is acknowledged, my skills are accurately compensated, and I am appreciated for what I do. Dean and Kristin are passionate about their company and treat their employees like family with an open-door policy for conversations to happen. They see my value to the company and ensure that I am happy with my future here.

Caitlin Link