Banyan Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction Services

Our team’s construction personnel have extensive experience delivering successful projects comprising commercial, residential, industrial and institutional applications.


  • Market research and analyses and feasibility studies
  • target, viability
  • Project sourcing, land assembly negotiating and acquisition
  • Comprehensive due diligence studies
  • Impact studies and analyses
  • Environmental assessments
  • Legal services and documentation
  • Generation and analysis of pro forma
  • Financial modeling
  • Master plan design development
  • Civil infrastructure planning and development
  • Management of rezoning, land planning and permit application processes
  • Formal presentation preparation and public delivery
  • Public engagement, disclosure and ascent strategies
  • Construction financing preparation and procurement
  • Established and proven fully integrated office management systems
  • Pre-construction administration services
  • Budget generation, planning and accountability
  • Detailed schedule generation and tracking
  • Product/material sourcing, procurement and importing
  • Benchmarking and cost modeling analysis for capital budgeting
  • LEED® certification planning and management